"Trust in real estate is the most important factor."

"Trust in real estate is the most important factor."

“I have done multiple deals with Marla and Irene—some, clean and easy, and some, with unforeseen complications. Every single time Marla and Irene have been meticulous in their research and accurate with their advice. Trust is the word I use most when I refer them to my friends, family and business associates.”

Tailor Made Buying Plans

Each buyer is distinct, just as our strategies are. Our approach involves investing time in relationship-building discussions to understand you better. This enables us to create a customized plan tailored to your individual goals, expectations, and real estate requirements. We not only assist you in defining your criteria but also offer valuable insights into the current market and help you recognize the hidden potential in homes you might otherwise miss.

Your Real Estate Market Guides

Our success comes from years of first-hand experience leading buyers to real estate opportunities that are a perfect fit, and ensuring each client’s best interests are protected every step of the way. We help you set realistic expectations about the market and financials, so you are prepared from the outset. When it is time to place an offer, we skillfully negotiate on your behalf, always letting you know how our strategies benefit you and your goals.

Buying Approach

In our initial meeting, we break down your wants, needs, lifestyle, real estate goals, and timeline while getting to know you. With this deep understanding, we create a highly customized plan to get you into your dream home sooner. We adapt our strategy based on market shifts or personal changes, considering your communication style and market knowledge.

Buy Comfortably

Learn about our custom buying plans that put you ahead of the competition, and in your dream home sooner.